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Attorney Name Years of Practice
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1. Has the firm been continuously insured for malpractice for the last five years?
If no, for how many years has the firm been continuously insured?

2. If the firm has current coverage, please provide the following:
Current Carrier: Expiration Date  
Limits: / Deductible Premium

3. Has the firm, or any attorneys in the firm, had any professional liability claims or disciplinary
complaints made against them in the past five years?

4. Please list the area of law that your firm engages in and put the percentages of billable hours devoted to each area of the law.
Percentages must total 100%

Admiralty/Marine - Defense Environmental Personal Injury/Property Damage - Defense
Admiralty/Marine - Plantiff Family Law Personal Injury/Property Damage - Plantiff
Banking/Financial Institutions Immigration/Naturalization Real Estate/Title - Commercial
Business Transaction/Commercial Law Intellectual Property Real Estate/Title - Residential
Civil/Commercial Litigation - Defense International Law Securities (S.E.C.)
Civil/Commercial Litigation - Plaintiff Labor Management Representation Taxation
Civil Rights/Discrimination Labor Union Representation Wills, Estate, Trust and Probate
Collection and Bankruptcy Local Government Workers Compensation - Defense
Corporate Business Organization Mass Tort/Class Action Workers Compensation - Plaintiff

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