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Our Philosophy

We believe in doing the right thing by those we serve. Our team of thought leaders approach each client proactively, with ingenuity and foresight. We build partnerships that truly matter.

Our History

Over a half century ago, GilsbarPRO opened for business with a single goal in mind- be the fastest smartest malpractice administrator in the industry. This guiding principle has grown GilsbarPRO to a team of 100+ members serving over 30,000 professionals across the US.

Our Core Values

Our clients' interests are our main priority, and we commit to always working:

  • With integrity
  • With a long-term view
  • With all of our might and creativity
  • With a constant strive for excellence
  • To achieve a reasonable profit, and
  • With an intention to continually invest in developing our people, services, products and markets.


We are...