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Policy Highlights

  • Employee Theft includes automatic coverage for:
    • Employees
    • Leased Employees
    • Non-compensated persons (including volunteers) working for the company
    • Any person required to be bonded under ERISA
  • Employee Theft of Client Property
    • Covers loss sustained due to theft of client's money or property by insured's employee while on client premises
    • May help insureds qualify to bid on contracts
  • Forgery of Alteration
    • Includes personal accounts of the proprietor, partners, members and officers (including theft by employees)
    • Includes corporate checks and credit or debit card instruments
  • Theft, Disappearance and Destruction of Money and Securities
    • Inside/outside coverage of money (cash, checks, money orders, etc.) and securities (stocks, bonds, etc.)
  • Robbery and Safe Burglary of Other Property
    • Inside/outside coverage of robbery of tangible property other than money and securities
    • Inside coverage of safe burglary of tangible property other than money and securities
  • Counterfeit Money Orders and Currency
    • Covers paper currency, of any country, used in the exchange for merchandise, money or services, at no additional cost (Most companies only cover currency of any country where an insured has operations).
  • Computer and Funds Transfer Fraud
    • Computer fraud and wire transfer communications fraud is combined into one coverage

Reasons for Coverage

  • 1. Crime can put a business at risk, whether it is committed by employees or other people.
    An organization's survival may be threatened by an uncovered crime loss. Private and not-for-profit organizations may not have the financial reserves that a large company has to absorb an uncovered crime loss.
  • 2. Crime Coverage offers real protection
    • Crime Coverge has the most frequently requested coverage enhancements built into the policy at no additional cost
    • Covers subsidiaries and premises created or acquired during the policy period
    • Automatic coverage is provided for employee benefit plans created during the policy period and required to be bonded by ERISA
    • Required minimum ERISA limits available during the policy period upon request
    • Crime coverage applies worldwide
    • A "Loss Discovered" option is available for qualifying insureds

 The information provided on this website page is an example of the coverages that may be available from this insurer to a qualified firm. Please refer to the actual policy for exact coverage descriptions and limits; exclusions and deductibles that may apply. Coverages are subject to policy terms and conditions.