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You Missed a Deadline??? How to Avoid that Nightmare

Most courts now send notices of court actions by email and require attorneys to file documents electronically. What happens if you miss an email or fail to check an electronic docket?

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CNA Lawyers Professional Liability Allied Vendor Program

CNA has identified companies offering services that may help to strengthen your law firm’s risk control programs and provide needed services outside of an insurance carrier’s purview. The below companies that participate in our Allied Vendor Program can assist you in developing critical programs and procedures that may help you avoid and manage professional liability exposures in your law practice.

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"SPAC" Clients Pose Unique Risks for Law Firms: Lessons Learned from Defending Lawyers in Malpractice Cases

Representing the sponsor of a “Special Purpose Acquisition Company” or “SPAC” poses unique risks to law firms. SPACs have been around for decades but recently have become an increasingly popular investment vehicle, leading some to call 2021 “the year of the SPAC.” In this article, we explain what SPACs are and why representing their sponsors may pose risks for law firms and lawyers.

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Avoiding Liability as a Trustee

Attorneys routinely accept the responsibility of serving as a trustee and then find themselves as the custodian of a significant sum of money. Naturally, to avoid running the trust dry, the attorney-trustee now must become an investor. The responsibility of being a trustee carries with it multiple duties. Explore the different duties a trustee takes on as well as some best practices for avoiding liability.

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