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Hot Mics and Live Video: Best Practice Tips for Remote Appearances

As we approach a second year of virtual meetings, depositions and court appearances, this is a good time to pause and reflect on what works and what doesn’t work in a remote law practice. Inadvertent screen shares and hot microphones have offered valuable lessons learned for attorneys. Here are ten best practice tips for mitigating risk during remote appearances.

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Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19: A Menu of Ideas for Lawyers

In today’s legal environment, lawyers have been required to chart a changing course in order to provide competent legal services to their clients in the face of an unprecedented pandemic. Here we identify some of the potential effects of the pandemic on the legal profession, as well as some strategies to consider in addressing those impacts.

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Better with a Letter: Key Considerations in Engagement Letters Usage

As a leader in the lawyers' professional liability insurance marketplace, we stress the importance of engagement letters in our articles, guides and risk control courses.

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Conflict of Interest Issues in Representing the Client and an Employee

Occasions arise, especially in litigation, where a lawyer for an entity may find it useful to represent an employee, or other constituent of the entity, for some limited purpose. This dual representation of an entity and its constituent raises a number of practice issues.

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