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Wire Transfer Fraud: A Growing Threat to Law Firms

The practice of law involves advising clients on the risks and benefits of potential courses of action. Lawyers must often serve as their own risk managers in managing their professional practices. Law firms face an increased threat of wire transfer fraud via social engineering schemes from cybercriminals. Read this article to learn more about wire transfer fraud and preparing for these realities prior to an attempt.

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Silence is Golden…Or is it? Thorny Issues Involving the Concealment of Information from Opposing Counsel

Concealment from your adversary can be unethical even where there is no specific legal obligation to disclose if concealment is otherwise found to be dishonest or misleading. Lawyers must balance their duties to their clients against both express legal duties to adversaries and general duties of truthfulness. Read this full article for examples of different scenarios in which non-disclosure issues may arise.

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From Here to There: Elements of an Effective Screen When Onboarding a Lateral Hire

You have an attorney position to fill, and have found the perfect candidate with the right credentials, experience and book of business, who clears the initial conflicts checks. How can your firm implement an effective conflicts of interest screen and have some comfort in its effectiveness if and when the time comes to defend against a disqualification motion?

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Hot Mics and Live Video: Best Practice Tips for Remote Appearances

As we approach a second year of virtual meetings, depositions and court appearances, this is a good time to pause and reflect on what works and what doesn’t work in a remote law practice. Inadvertent screen shares and hot microphones have offered valuable lessons learned for attorneys. Here are ten best practice tips for mitigating risk during remote appearances.

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