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Lawyers’ Duties Regarding Legal Files After a Client’s Death

Courts uniformly have held that the attorney-client privilege survives the death of a client. Various courts and ethics opinions have also analyzed a lawyer’s responsibilities to former clients to preserve confidential information after the representation concludes. Download this article to read more about lawyers' duties regarding legal files after a client's death.

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Spyware, Schemes and Sticky Fingers: Reacting to Client Misconduct

A client’s past misdeeds are rarely a dealbreaker for an attorney-client relationship. Every day, lawyers help clients address the consequences of illegal conduct and analyze the legal aspects of questionable conduct. These discussions are consistent with a lawyer’s ethical responsibilities. This article explores situations where client misconduct pits an attorney’s duties to a client against duties owed to courts, third parties, and the general public.

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Law Firm Website Woes: Educating and Disclaiming Prospective Clients

Few readers would contemplate the creation of an attorney-client relationship by reading a publication in print, via email or on a website. Has one been formed, however, regarding attorney interactions with prospective clients via law firm websites, emails, social media, etc.? In this article, we explore interactions between attorneys and prospective clients and techniques to explain and disclaim the formation of an attorney-client relationship.

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Wire Transfer Fraud: A Growing Threat to Law Firms

The practice of law involves advising clients on the risks and benefits of potential courses of action. Lawyers must often serve as their own risk managers in managing their professional practices. Law firms face an increased threat of wire transfer fraud via social engineering schemes from cybercriminals. Read this article to learn more about wire transfer fraud and preparing for these realities prior to an attempt.

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